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Building Blocks
for the best website
Successful websites are built with best-in-class web content management systems. Magic Hour's InfoServe is a powerful and flexible content management system optimized for the needs of colleges and schools in just three steps.
1: Public Access

Where most of the world learns about your school. InfoServe lets you deliver content through pages, news articles, calendars, forms, media galleries, links, and much more.

Features and Benefits

  Robust Content: InfoServe lets you publish any kind of content you wish, from text and photos to video and social media feeds and much, much more, all through in an easy-to-use interface.

 Admissions Module: Families can submit and track their applications online and your school can capture and integrate enrollment data easily with a Student Information System (SIS).

 Mobile Website: Our mobile-friendly templates pull content from your current website, such as announcements, events, game schedules and places, news, etc.

 Facebook Badges: Donors can post a Facebook Badge status to their wall when they make a gift, telling the world that they've supported your school. Also works with additional online forms, including event registration, enrollment, reunions, and other promotional efforts.

 Live Sports Blogging: Fans can post comments and photos of games on the password-protected sports recap area of your athletics site using their iPhone/iPad, Android app, or their computer.

 Calendars, eNewsletters, and News: These powerful tools connect with and engage your school community and help your school go green as well. Share information anywhere on your website and even in the Online Community that's password-protected.
2: Online Communities

The critical communications hub that lets you deliver tailored content to specific visitors such as students, parents, faculty/staff, and alumni, accessible through a login and password.

Features and Benefits

 For Students:
  • Real-time student directories
  • Messages from teachers to individuals or multiple students in a class or activity
  • Online schedules, messages, research links, and more

 For Parents:
  • Admissions application tracking
  • Tuition payment processing and history
  • Real-time parent and faculty/staff directories
  • Online schedules, messages and helpful links
  • Social media feeds

 For Faculty/Staff:
  • Real-time faculty/staff, student, and parent directories
  • Schedules, training, benefits information, policies, etc.
  • Messaging among teachers or teams
  • Individual teacher pages

 For Alumni:
  • Real-time alumni directories
  • Alumni news posts and networking connections
  • Reunion and alumni event publicity and registration forms
3: Administrative Tools

The back end of our InfoServe Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to manage every aspect of your website from the micro to the macro.

Features and Benefits

 Portal Member Management: Create different kinds of website users that fit your school's needs.

 Permissions Management: Tailor content access and editor privileges to specific groups or individuals.

 Content Management: Website users can help add any kind of content to your website, all controlled by what permissions you grant them.

 Forms Management: Create simple to complex online forms using InfoServe’s Forms AnywhereTM and Event Registration Management tools. Online payments through forms an available option.

 Email Broadcasting System: Easily create a variety of emails including eNewsletters for any member of your school community from any area of your school: Admissions, Development, Alumni Relations, Divisions, Athletic Departments, adn more.

 Event Management: Make registration and reservations easy. Calendar items integrate easily with online registration/payment forms.

 Online School Store: Manage and merchandise a variety of products in any size or quantity through our shopping cart system.

 Template Management: CSS-level control of page templates.
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