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Content Management

Create a website with the text, articles, forms, and videos that matter to your site users. With InfoServe's Content Editing Module, site administrators can manage a variety of content mediums: 
  • Images and Albums
    Images and Albums (slideshows)
  • Audio
    Audio Tracks and Podcast Playlists
  • PDF
    PDF Document Downloads
  • Videos
    Videos - mp4, Youtube and more
  • Custom text formatting
    Custom Text Formatting

Forms Management

Integrate online registration, reservations, and payment forms with your school's events

Link forms to secure online payment options

Create complex online forms with many data types (text, radio buttons, checkboxes, etc.).

Maintain registrant data in the InfoServe admin area

Export registrant list for mail merge, name tags, attendee lists, and more


Create, group, and display events for easy management across multiple departments

Display calendar in day, week, month, and year list and grid views

Create private, password protected calendars for specific groups

Allow site visitors to customize browsers to display their choice of calendars

Athletics Module

Create individual team pages with text, images, and multimedia

Post schedules and game result scoreboards. Schedules can be entered via the InfoServe interface or imported from a tab delimited file

Create game recaps that include text, images, and multimedia


Create multiple, multi-page newsletter styles
Combine email list sources into a single mailing list

Schedule send times

Track message success with complete metrics reporting

Send from your choice of the your mail sever or Magic Hour's


Share your school's latest news anywhere on your site

Create different news categories and filter each story's display location

Add password-protected news for specific groups

Add an RSS feed subscription button to any page


Create and edit blog posts

Regulate comments with advanced moderator controls

Promote posts on your homepage or make them part of your email marketing outreach

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