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Administrative Tools

From simplifying communications to managing events, InfoServe gives administrators the right tools to make the most out of your website's capabilities.

Portal Member Management

Get smart, efficient ways to communicate with your various community members. With InfoServe's Portal Member Management, communications can be targeted to specific user groups. The system is flexible, letting you easily create different kinds of users and direct what they can read, edit, and post. Access can be custom designed to suit your organization's needs.
Use it to:
Post grades, progress reports, and other student materials in a password-protected area

Allow faculty to interact directly with students

Authorize staff to perform site administrative duties as appropriate


Take your school store online for easy ordering, payments, and shipping. With eCommerce from InfoServe, you can create an online store that performs for both admins and shoppers:
Admins can:
Add an unlimited number of products

Add product attributes, such as size, color, and style

Accept secure credit card payments through the Diamond Mind payment portal  

Track orders from initiation to delivery

Email Broadcast & Notification

Magic Hour's Email Broadcasting System lets you create and distribute emergency notices, and newsletters.

Customize your email design for various audiences

Add news articles, calendar items, or web pages to messages

Manage multiple distribution lists

Track sent messages

Site Stats/Google Analytics

Monitor your site's performance to identify successful SEO and marketing strategies as well as opportunities for improvement.

Track current site activity like page views, activity logs, and current activities

Track popular site sections

Connect a Google Analytics account and monitor visitor data through InfoServe

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