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Sharing thoughts, insights, and helpful tips about best practices, social media usage, marketing strategies for schools and colleges, and other related topics.

Do More With Your Online Presence With the 2017 InfoServe Webinar Series!

Do more with your time making site updates, gathering marketing ideas, and reaching out to your school's community with expert, guided advice from Magic Hour's software trainers and industry experts. 
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Quick Tips & Tricks From the Magic Hour Support Desk

Ready for a quick refresher? Today we review one of the major functional pieces of your site’s pages: your forms, and more specifically, how to ensure that your forms are doing more than collecting clicks. Unless they’re properly set up, you risk losing out on information, prospects, opportunities, and more.
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Take the Work Out of Keeping Up With All the Latest!

Is your school's social media feed or blog feeling tired? Don't get buried in clicks, tabs, and "read me later" articles and try out Feedly. This user-friendly RSS reader takes the work out of searching the internet for topics that matter to your school. 
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Understanding and Optimizing for Branded and Unbranded Searches

How are potential families reaching your website's key pages? Gaining a solid understanding of the difference between branded and unbranded searches and what they mean for your site's SEO can mean the difference between getting your site found or falling into the background.
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