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Education Associations

Associations must serve a diverse group of constituents, ranging from prospective families to member schools and accreditation candidates. InfoServe helps education associations meet their goals by providing valuable resources through easy-to-use, cost-effective digital solutions.

Member Schools Search

Create a current, publicly searchable database of member institutions, including contact information, grade levels, religious affiliation,accreditation information, and more. 
Offer families a current, publicly searchable database of member institutions, including basic contact information, status, grade levels and gender served, religious affiliation, activities, and accreditation information.

Careers Exchange

Display detailed job postings from your member schools in an interactive list and accept and moderate requests for new postings through your website.

Accreditation Tools

Manage volunteers, schedule team visits, and facilitate open communication with member and candidate schools with digital tools designed with the accreditation process in mind. 

Collect Member Dues

Link existing merchant accounts and create a secure portal to track and collect annual dues from member organizations. 

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